Benefits of a Natural Gas Furnace

Natural Gas heat has been a popular choice for heating over the years in Atlantic County NJ. We service natural gas heaters all the time. The newer high efficiency natural gas furnace is amazing. We are going to list the benefits of having or installing natural gas heating.

Benefits of a Natural Gas Furnace

Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels you can have for heating. It is the best fuel for the environment. With the new high efficiency furnaces it can also save you many dollars a month.

Natural Gas FurnaceHigh Efficiency

If you have natural gas heat already and the furnace is an older model you could be losing money. If your older furnace is running at 65 percent efficiency that means you are losing 35 percent. You pay for 100 percent of the gas you use that’s why it is so important to have your furnace running at a high efficiency. You don’t want to waste 30 percent of the gas you pay for.

Reliable Heat

Natural gas in Atlantic County NJ is extremely reliable because it is piped directly to your house. You don’t need to fill a tank or have a delivery of fuel. You pay for natural gas every month and it is always there.

Natural gas furnaces will run forever as long as they are maintained. It is important to keep your furnaces maintained every year. You will have much less problems in the future if you keep proper maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

Gas heat is a clean burning fuel. If you have oil or even a wood stove, think of all the smoke it gives off. Natural gas burns extremely clean. It produces 30 percent less carbon dioxide than oil and about half as much as coal and wood.

Natural gas produces basically no carbon monoxide, solids,sulfur dioxide, or particulate matter. With the new high efficiency furnaces it makes natural gas even cleaner than it was before.

High Efficiency

We’ve mentioned it a lot in this post. High efficiency gas furnaces are one of the main reasons to buy a natural gas heating system. The way these new furnaces are designed is quite amazing. They are designed to use less fuel, provide more heat, and burn cleaner than the older furnaces.

How they work is that when they turn on they run at a very low speed. If they don’t need much power to bring your home up to temperature then they will not use it. If they can’t bring your temperature up the speed of the blower slowly gets faster till it can effectively heat your home.

By running this way it saves a lot of gas. older gas furnaces when they turn on just operate at 100 percent right away and just crank gas till your home is up to temperature.

Natural Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

We are very experienced in natural gas furnace repair. A lot of older furnaces need parts replaced over time. At a certain point it becomes cheaper to replace your older gas furnace with a new high efficiency furnace.

You will save so much more per month with a high efficiency furnace. over the years the savings usually offset the cost of a furnace installation.

If you have any questions or have a natural gas heater emergency give us a call today!

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