How to get rid of the musty smell

This is a common problem on the Jersey Shore and Atlantic County NJ. Because we live at sea level the moisture is always very high. Houses on the island cities like Ocean City, Longport, Ventnor, Margate, and Atlantic City have to deal with the issue of moisture and musty air. As the best HVAC company in Atlantic County we have seen this issue over and over. We are going to talk about what we have seen work best to get rid of the musty smell.

how to get rid of the musty smellHow to Get Rid of the Musty Smell

The main reason of the musty smell is damp air that is stagnant. The moisture will come up from the ground and sit in a crawlspace or if your house is built on a slab of concrete it will soak through the concrete. Moisture left unattended can have some serious side effects.
  • Mustiness can give you headaches and asthma and cause health problems over time. Children and babies can be affected.
  • Mustiness can lead to mold and rot. It will cost much more to fix later on if it is not addressed right away.
I’m sure you’ve tried to fix the small yourself. Using air fresheners and mildew and moisture capture buckets and bags provide a temporary fix. If the odor keeps coming back it is most likely due to your HVAC system.

There are several ways your HVAC system can be causing the musty smell.

  • Dirty and damp ducts. Once your ducts become dirty every time your heat or air kicks on it spreads all that dirt and dust through your house. Who knows what is growing in your ducts if you’ve never had them cleaned.
  • Improper HVAC design. Airflow and movement is important. Proper airflow will keep the moisture from sitting in one area. If your HVAC system is set up wrong, parts of your house could not be getting proper airflow.

How a good HVAC system will fix the musty smell

If you have a musty smell and would like a professional HVAC company to look at it we would love to help you. A few things we would check to make sure your HVAC system is running correctly would be:
  • Cleanliness of ducts
  • Air filters
  • Drains and condenser lines
  • HVAC airflow and design
If you are having problems getting rid of that musty smell give us a call today!

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