Oil Furnace Repair and Replacement Egg Harbor Twp NJ

Oil Furnace Repair and Replacement

Oil heat is one of the older styles of heating. Most houses that have oil heating have had it for years. Oil heaters have a reputation for being built to last and running forever. We are going to look at the pros and cons of oil heating. If you have Oil heat and are having issues you may decide to switch out your heating for natural gas. It might be better to just fix an oil furnace if the repair is quick and easy. If it is a costly furnace repair you might want to replace the whole system with a newer model. Let’s get into oil furnace repair and replacement.

Oil Furnace Repair and Replacement Egg Harbor Twp NJOil Heating Pros and Cons

Oil Heating Pros

  • Fuel-efficient
  • Long-Lasting
  • Recycled oil can be used with certain systems
  • Oil is highly available
  • Price per gallon can be cheaper in certain areas

Some of these pros aren’t available in South Jersey. The pros that you can count on are fuel efficiency and long lasting furnaces and heaters. Those that have oil heating have had oil for years because of the reliability and how long the heaters last. It is not uncommon for oil furnaces to last over 10 years past the manufacturer’s recommended time period. They are so well built that with proper maintenance and service they last and run for a long time.

Cons of Oil Heat

  • More expensive to install new
  • Can leak
  • Requires more maintenance
  • The cost of oil fluxuates and can be more expensive

Sometimes the cons can override the pros of oil heat. Oil can be more expensive when you need to buy it. Oil prices fluctuate with the market and supply and demand. That means that when everyone is buying oil for winter the price is likely to go up. Oil leaks can happen but they aren’t common on newer oil heaters. If you have an old oil furnace with parts that are cracked and broken an oil leak is possible. Oil heaters need to be maintained every year or so. Because oil fuel is a dirty fuel it can really muck things up in an oil furnace.

Oil Furnace Repair

If you are having problems with your oil heat give us a call and we can take a look. It might just need a replacement part. It all depends on the style of your oil heat and how old it is. Sometimes with older models of oil furnaces there is no replacement parts available anymore. If that happens the only option is to replace your furnace. We have great deals and options available for you.

We serve all of atlantic county and some areas further. There are a lot of oil furnaces in the older houses in EHT, Absecon, Galloway, and towns built in the 70s and 80s. If you aren’t sure if you need an oil heater repair and replacement give us a call. We also serve many commercial clients and small businesses. If your commercial property has oil heating please let us know.

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